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We at Folk + Fire are firm believers in community; gathering together to create lasting memories.
Folk + Fire believes that s'mores are more than a campfire snack, they are an experience meant to be shared.
So, friends, pull up a chair, stick your mallow in the fire, and let's share some s'more stories!


Our gourmet s'mores feature artisanal marshmallows and handcrafted graham cracker cookies.
Head to our "flavours" tab to see this season's flavours.


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The Story

October 2017:  It all started fireside at a campground in Tulabi Falls, Manitoba.

Although known for her solo camping trips, Caitlin invited Nicole along for her last camp of the season.
They packed the car with all the necessities and drove to their weekend adventure of hiking, fishing, and hopefully not freezing.

Caitlin has always been one to try new things with her s'mores: 
she would always sandwich new ingredients between her mallow and grahams to make the classic s'more just a little more interesting.
When Caitlin introduced Nicole to her version of a s'more, Nicole's taste for the treat was forever changed. 
Caitlin shared her dream of opening up a gourmet s'mores spot in Winnipeg one day.
Nicole, being the business-savvy gal she is, pounced on the idea. 

And there you have it: Folk + Fire. 
Created by a couple of adventurers,eating s'mores,
and sharing their dreams beside a fire;
just the way life is meant to be.



Caitlin Giesbrecht

Co-Creator + The Early Riser

Caitlin is an adventurer at heart.
She's happiest when sleeping in a tent
and can often be found with camera in hand.

Caitlin is the creative lead behind Folk + Fire.
She dreams the dreams and paints the vision.

Her favourite s'more? The Rocky Mountain, for the adventurers.


Nicole Pellaers

Co-Creator + The All Nighter

Nicole is a hustler at heart.
She's happiest with coffee in hand
and is always down for a spontaneous adventure.

Nicole is the operational and sales lead behind Folk + Fire.
She turns the dreams into action and gets sh*t done.

Her favourite s'more? The Lumberjack, for the hard workers.