For the nostalgic, the simple, and the easy-going.
Our classic vanilla mallow sandwiches perfectly between two honey graham cracker cookies. 


The Lumberjack

For the hard workers, the all nighters, and the early risers. Our espresso marshmallow is a perfect pairing for the hustlers. Add two of our chocolate graham cracker cookies and we have never craved coffee more. 


The Rocky Mountain

For the wild, the wonderful, and the adventurers.
Our cookies 'n' cream mallow and chocolate graham cracker cookies are nothing short of breathtaking.


The Canadian

For the strong, the free, and the hosers.
Our sweet maple mallow is all that we love about this country squished between a couple of honey graham cracker cookies. 


seasonal flavours

Gourmet S'mores

confetti + sprinkles

For our First Birthday!
A mouthwatering cake batter graham cookie paired with a vanilla sprinkle marshmallow makes you realize you can have your cake and eat s’more of it, too.